Ahead of agency board meeting in Vienna next week
IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to travel to Iran on Sunday after Agency reports growing problems with its ability to conduct monitoring
Iran has to decide if committed to same, the US diplomat said. “If not, we will have to choose a different path as well."
'The entire process is broken,' Biden transition official. ‘We never had a normal transition and had to play catch up…Now Cruz is holding everyone… And…
'More time is not Iran’s friend, even if they think it is,' a senior US official said, speculating talks on a deal return may not resume until Septembe…
Were new Iranian team to believe they "can get more or give less" to return to deal, that is an illusion, US diplomat said.
Iranian delay in returning to Vienna talks could indicate Raisi team believes they can negotiate a better deal.
Iran President-Elect Raisi has sent two reps to join Iran committee reviewing Vienna negotiations to date
Iran’s election of conservative Ebrahim Raisi “does not affect our determination to try to reach a deal or the pace at which we will go about pursuing …
Among remaining hurdles, Iran seeking guarantee that U.S. won’t quit pact again
The US and Iran are not likely to overcome remaining gaps to finalize agreement on a mutual return to the nuclear pact at the next round of Vienna talks
'The point in time for taking decisions is getting closer and closer,' European diplomats.