But diplomats and analysts see it only as a temporary truce. “Netanyahu announced a truce tonight,” Israeli columnist Chemi Shalev said. “The fighting will most likely resume on April 30.”
The ‘NATO-ization of Finland’ advances, as Chinese president heads to Russia on state visit March 20-22.
“We think it's really important for the Chinese to get the Ukrainian perspective here, and not just Mr. Putin's,” NSC’s John Kirby said March 16.
Saudi Iran deal brokered by Beijing built on talks the Biden administration encouraged its Persian Gulf partners to pursue with Iran to try deescalate…
‘Just do what’s necessary to end this nightmare,’ Siamak Namazi implored Pres. Biden from Iran’s Evin prison.
‘We have put a tourniquet on the bleeding,’ IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said on return from two day trip to Iran on March 4.
‘Let’s see what the IAEA reports back and then it’ll be time enough for us to decide on appropriate next steps," U.S. Iran envoy Rob Malley said March…
IAEA DG may travel to Iran in coming days. Some arms control experts urge the US and E3 to pursue a new, more limited Iran diplomatic strategy focused…
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Diplomatic, by Laura Rozen