The E3 condemned the Iranian decision as ‘unacceptable’ response to IAEA board censure resolution, and said it further hollows out JCPOA.
“Nobody from the United States is pushing or prodding or nudging [Zelensky] to the table...while his citizens are literally being slaughtered," NSC’s…
Diplomats from the US, Britain, France and Germany were meeting in Paris to consult ahead of an IAEA board meeting Nov. 16 in which they're expected to…
“The American people are sending [President Biden] out onto the world stage in a very strong position,” national security advisor Jake Sullivan said.
“At the end of day, what happens in Iran will be decided and determined by the Iranian people,” US Iran envoy Rob Malley said Oct. 31.
Letter by E3 UN reps lays out why the transfers, if verified, would constitute a violation of a 2015 UN Security Council resolution by both Iran and…
The US, EU and UK announced actions today (October 20) targeting Iran’s supply of armed drones to Russia being used to attack Ukrainian civilians and…
The central question the review "will ask is, is the nature of the relationship serving the interests and values of the United States," NSC's Jake…
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